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Beth Killion: Writer


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Hi. I'm Beth.

I'm a writer.


When I'm not writing, I'm yearning to be writing.

Words are my love language.

As are lazy summer days floating in cold lake water.

I hope you find something here you might like to read.


I believe in stories. Stories of all kinds and lengths.

They entertain, they educate, they whisk us away on adventure.

They give us a window to other perspectives.

They encourage us to interrogate our own.

Like, maybe a book helped you realize that your parents were probably normal teenagers once who were equally as worried about their hair in high school as you were.

Books are the next best thing to time travel... and plane travel.


I write fiction about the real life challenges of being an adult: difficult yet common family dynamics, the joys and despairs of parenting, the strength and fragility of our bodies, the miscues and the common bonds of relationships.


I'm so glad you're here.




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